Calling in sick Monday?  Well you're not alone.  A survey found that 30% of employees have called in sick to work when they weren’t actually ill.

Some of the excuses people give for not being able to go in on Monday are really strange.  For instance, one employee said he couldn’t come to work because he was too upset after watching The Hunger Games.  Another claimed to be sick from reading too much.  Some people have used a broken heart as a reason, bird bites and even having their toe stuck in a faucet...What?

The survey found most workers take fake sick days because they just don’t feel like going to work, they need to relax, run errands, make doctor’s appointments or catch up on sleep.

Experts say some employees believe the more detailed their excuse, the more believable it is.  But 30% of bosses have been suspicious enough of a worker’s sick-day excuse to attempt to verify it, and 14% have even driven by an employee’s house and 17% of bosses have fired an employee for faking sick!