Federal budget cuts are putting a damper on several events that help civilians get a glimpse into the lives of those who risk their lives for us every day.

As Steve Wiley posted earlier today, the budget cuts have affected, so far, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and the United States Navy Blue Angels; now, 'Fleet Weeks' around the country are threatened.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Port Everglades Fleet Week, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida announced today that the US Navy vessels will NOT be taking part in the annual celebration, as they have for the past 20 years.

Many of the comments on the stories that we have posted and shared on the KTDY Facebook page about the budget cuts question President Obama's party/golf/vacation activities:  it seems that those activities haven't been affected by the cuts.

How do you feel about the 'scaling back' of the military community outreach events that are getting the axe?

(Via CBS)