A few weeks ago (Labor Day Weekend), more than 300 teens broke into and threw a party at former NFL player Brian Holloway's home in New York, and totally trashed the place.

While they were in the midst of their party/demolition, the kids posted pics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of themselves partying it up.

Holloway, who lives in Florida (the New York home is on the market), found out about the party, but didn't call the police.  Instead, he re-posted the pictures of the teens to a website he created, in hopes of helping those kids.

Because he re-posted pictures (that were already on the internet), the parents are threatening to sue Brian Holloway (remember, it was their kids who trashed his house!!).
Holloway is much more understanding than I am.  He told ABC News
Kelly Lynch, a broadcast journalist and radio host, penned an open letter to the parents of those 300 kids, and it really hits the nail on the head, so-to-speak.
In her letter, Lynch writes about how Holloway invited the 300 kids back to his house for a picnic and cleanup.  Holloway was trying to reach out to the kids, trying to prevent them from having to go to court and get in trouble, trying to show them that what they did was wrong without putting a smudge on their record.  He invited all 300, and one kid showed up.
This is a crazy story.  To have only 1 kid show up says so much more about the parents than it does about the children.  Lynch has a point:  kids will be kids, and you can't hold the parents accountable for their actions all the time.  But now, parents, it's time to be parents.  As Lynch said, you should have grabbed your kids by the collar and dragged them back to that house to make restitution through sweat and tears.