U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan, on Tuesday, ordered the parties in Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit against the NFL to hold settlement discussions. They returned to the courtroom Friday (Aug. 10th) without a settlement.

She has apprently been reluctant to issue a ruling because of uncertainty over jurisdiction, but expressed an inclination to rule in Vilma's favor. Tulane Law Professor, Gabe Feldman said,"The big issue is whether she has the power to do anything,"

The judge reiterated her call for a settlement. Vilma has a separate suit pending against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, alleging defamation. Rumors persisted this past week that the league offered to reduce The Saints linebacker's season long suspension to eight games in exchange for dropping the defamation suit. Neither side has confirmed this. In a show of support, Saints Quarterback Drew Brees appeared at the courthouse upon his return from Thursday night's game in Foxboro.