- Jan Risher

Sometimes, I recognize that I need a good kick in the pants. And when I do, there are a lot of places I can go. However, I usually try to keep others out of it and simply think about my mother.

No, my mother is and has never been a kick-in-the-pants kind of mom. She’s one of those sweet and gentle women who is almost always thinking of others. Really. She is.

When I think about her and her mothering skills, I think specifically about school mornings. She got up at least an hour before the rest of us and prepared breakfast. She didn’t pop a frozen waffle in the toaster. Nope, this woman made homemade biscuits (in a cast iron skillet, for those keeping score at home).

It gets worse.

You see, I prefer thin, crunchy biscuits. My brother likes thin, fluffy, soft biscuits. So my mother figured out a way to arrange the pan of dough to produce both types of biscuits. Then, she’d butter them and call us to come to the table. At which point, we would crawl out of bed, complaining and drag our lazy selves to breakfast.

My home today is in stark contrast to that scene. I am not a breakfast cooker. I try to placate myself by focusing on my strengths. But when I think of that plate of hot, buttered biscuits in the middle of a table early in the morning, the stories I tell myself fail to do the job of boosting my morale.

This year, I’ve got to find a better solution for breakfast for my children. I welcome ideas. I don’t see homemade biscuits on the horizon, but surely I can come up with something tasty and nutritious that’s do-able early in the morning before school.

Suggestions are welcomed!