So, I was sitting in this chair.. you know,  'the chair', reserved for polished radio professionals, and all of a sudden, in the middle of a break:  nothing happened.  Were you listening yesterday, during the 5 o'clock Traffic Jam?  I opened the mic, started speaking, and then, right in the middle of my break, nothing.  Just like that.  Nothing.  I stopped in the middle of talking about traffic, lost my place, and was silent.  Unprofessional.  Crazy.  And, scary.

When we talk over the beginning of a song, we have only a limited amount of time.  For some songs, 5 or 10 seconds; others are a little longer.  This one happened to be twelve seconds.  At 7 seconds into the song, my mind went blank/stopped/burped/hiccuped/whatever, but the words just stopped.

I don't know why it happened.  Did you hear it?  I barely got out the name of the song before Rod Stewart began to sing.  (I don't know why these comments are even being posted.  I don't even know if you are reading this or not.)

This got me to thinking:  "Do others experience the same thing?"

If other people are at home or at work, it's possible that there are just a few people around that heard it happen.  Me?  I'm on the radio, so it was thousands. Embarrassing?  You bet!

I don't know how other peoples' brains work, but I can tell you how mine works:  I can be in the middle of a conversation and think of something that I forgot to tell the person and I will just blurt that out, right in the middle of the conversation.  I think that I do this because I am so surprised that I remembered something that I want to get it out there before I forget.

Other times, I'll be in the middle of a conversation, and will just totally space out.  I will be 'gone', and the person with whom I'm speaking will have to reel me in again, and, quite frequently, start over.  CJ even made a joke about it on the air this morning.

Maybe I need to take CJ up on his offer to visit his little 'head' doctor... hmmm.....