BP has officially asked the United States Supreme court to hear an appeal pertaining to a 2012 settlement stemming from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. WWL TV reports the company filed a writ of certiorari petition on Friday. BP's legal team was actively involved in structuring the settlement, aimed at streamlining the claims process, and enabling the company to avoid litigating hundreds of thousands of lawsuits. BP claims the settlement has been "hijacked" by claims administrator Patrick Juneau. The company has reportedly blasted Juneau in full page ads in the New York Times. BP's earlier appeal to the 5th circuit court was denied.

Lafayette attorney Jim Roy, and Steve Herman issued the following statement via e-mail, "BP co-wrote and agreed to every word in the Settlement Agreement. It is not surprising that the Courts have all told BP to honor its word,"

A decision as to whether the high court will hear the appeal is expected sometime in October.