This weekend in "Listen & Win", you have the opportunity to earn 7,500 extra points each day!

Since we are not usually here on the weekends, there's no way for you to get points in "Listen & Win" on Saturday or Sunday.  Well, this weekend is different.

If you go to the Winner's Club, click on Listen & Win, and put the following answers in for each day, you'll get your points!  Tomorrow, for all 3 contests (Brainbuster, Mid-Day Mind Bender and the No-Brainer), use the answer "Saturday".  On Sunday, use the answer "Sunday".  If you do the math, that's 7,500 points per day, for a total of an extra 15,000 points this weekend!  Just in time for the cut-off for the Katy Perry contest.

Remember that you have to put the answer in on the corresponding day.  For instance, the answer to all three today is "Friday".  Tomorrow's answer is "Saturday"... you get the picture.

Good luck, and have a great weekend!!