A few years ago, during a TV interview, I was asked, "What kinds of music do you like to listen to?" I laughed & replied, "music I don't play on the radio!" The interviewer looked stunned, so I went on to clarify. I'm very proud of the work we do here at 99.9 KTDY, and feel that we play great music. I'm proud to say I'm the music director here. That being said, it's not the ONLY great music out there. I enjoy country, Jazz, Reggae, African music, and, of course, Rock 'n Roll.

Virtually everyone has heard of Led Zeppelin. Sometimes I get requests for songs like "Stairway to Heaven," arguably one of the best Rock 'n Roll songs ever made, but picture it book ended by Katy Perry & Christina Aguilera. Ann & Nancy Wilson's performance of Stairway at the Kennedy Center Honors literally had me in tears.

The record company has just announced the first 3 Led Zeppelin albums will be re-released, in remastered versions with, additional tracks, on June 3rd.

Hot on the heels of this comes the news that Zeppelin co-founder, guitarist, songwriter & producer Jimmy Page will receive an honorary Doctorate from the Berklee College of Music.

Page told Rolling Stone, "It's truly an honour to be the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate at Berklee as the music of America has been a primary driving force in my early years and pivotal to my musical development."

Additional honorees will be jazz pianist Geri Allen, Valerie Simpson, of Ashford and Simpson, and jazz trumpeter Thara Memory.  Past honorees include David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Carole King, Loretta Lynn, and Steven Tyler. The Ceremony will be May 10th.