Summer is here, and with school out, the question becomes, what are we going to do with the kids? Thankfully, here in Lafayette, we've got plenty to choose from when it comes to entertaining venues for the family. Most kids love to swing and slide, run and have fun, so here's a list of five of our top playgrounds and play areas in Lafayette.

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    Kart Ranch

    508 Youngsville Hwy. 89
    Lafayette, La. 70508
    Phone: 337-837-KART (5278)

    'Everybody loves KART RANCH!'. You've heard the jingle on the radio, and if you live in Lafayette, you've been there. From putt-putt to batting cages to go-carts, there's plenty of outdoor fun at the Kart Ranch, but just as nice (especially in the summer heat) is the indoor playground. With a wristband, your child can jump, climb, slide till they run out of steam, while you sit back and enjoy the fun.
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    Zoo of Acadiana

    5601 Highway 90 E
    Broussard, LA 70518
    Phone: 337-837-4325

    Recently renovated, the playground at the Zoo of Acadiana feels less like a regular playground and more like a fun-filled fortress. Now, it's even easier to head to the zoo, as Ambassador Caffery now runs directly into their driveway at the light on HWY 90. The best part is that once you're done with the playground, you've still got a ton of animals to visit from white tigers to giraffes and pygmy hippos.
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    Chuck E Cheese

    3555 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.
    Lafayette, LA 70503
    (337) 216-9550

    Always a safe bet, Chuck E Cheese has pizza, games and an indoor playground area that's safe for everyone. Since Chuck E Cheese stamps groups as they come in, you won't have to worry about your child accidentally leaving or even worse, being taken out by a stranger. You also get the bonus of shows featuring Chuck every 30 minutes or so, plus the smell of fresh baked pizza lingers in the air, calling you to order and enjoy.

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    4533 Johnston Street, Suite A
    Lafayette, LA 70503
    (337) 989-9500

    A relative new-comer, Gattitown is located at the intersection of Johnston and Camellia Blvd., replacing the prior tenants Incredible Pizza Company and the short-lived Lido. Gattitown brings back to Lafayette Gatti's pizza, which had disappeared out of the city limits for some time. But now, they're back and this time, with fun for the kids as well. Inheriting the building allowed them to have plenty of space for not only dining, but fun for the kids. They've got specials just in time for summer and hopefully will continue providing food and fun for some time to come.
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    Girard Park

    500 Girard Park,
    Lafayette, LA 70503

    Since it's hot during the summers, most of the prior play areas were indoors, but we couldn't leave out Girard Park. Nestled adjacent to the UL campus, Girard Park has been home to plenty of fun including Festivals Acadiens, food festivals and now, an incredible playground area that even caters to the physically handicapped. Recently completed, the playground now includes a swing for those in wheelchairs. From slides to swings, to plenty of room to run around and even hang out with the ducks in the pond, Girard Park is a perfect stop, especially when the weather cooperates.