Mr. Lester's Steakhouse is the first place that comes to my mind.  That would be a great place to be a mom.  But, this post isn't about a good place to be locally.  It's a breakdown of where moms/kids are healthiest, and where the education and economy provide an environment conducive to proper parenting.  Here's a highlight of the list available from

Best Places To Be A Mother:            Worst Places To Be A Mother:
1. Norway 6. New Zealand   155. Central Africa Republic 160. Chad
2. Australia 7. Finland   156. Sudan 161. Yemen
3. Iceland 8. Belgium   157. Mali 162. Guinea-Bissau
4. Sweden 9. Netherlands   158. Eritrea 163. Niger
5. Denmark 10. France   159. DR Congo 164. Afghanistan

Of the 43 'developed' countries that were listed, the United States came in at number 31.  A total of 164 countries were analyzed for this report from the Save The Children website.