What is the best diet for health and weight loss?  This is the time of year everyone is thinking about New Year's resolutions and many Americans will opt for 'weight loss'.

But with so many weight loss products and plans on the market, what is really the best diet for weight loss?  A new study compares three of the most common diets, low-carb, low-fat and low-glycemic-index.

There was one diet that was better than the other two for losing weight and keeping it off...and the winner is...low-glycemic-index diets.  Seems as though when individuals ate fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and whole grains, they lost weight and kept it off.  The low-glycemic-index diet also promoted good cholesterol and lower risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Low-fat diets caused the biggest decrease in energy.  People on such diets may be most likely to regain the weight they lose.

The low-carb diet was linked to the biggest increase in total energy, but also caused a spike in inflammation and hormones that may cause heart disease and diabetes.

Experts say dieters should avoid restricting any major nutrients and instead focus on the quality of those nutrients.

[Via:  The Wall Street Journal]