Last week, I asked which of my three tiny dogs should come to work with me for Take Your Dog to Work Day today. Bella Bug, my 3.3 pound chihuahua won with 49% of the votes, so I loaded her crate into my car this morning for the short drive to KTDY. (Yes, she always travels in her crate, which is buckled into a seatbelt.)

Here's what she sounded like in the car:

She mostly laid around all morning, except for a little cuddling with CJ.


She took requests for a little while during the Polyester Power Hour.

facebook screenshot

She was even invited out on a date by a studly terrier named Jacque:

Hey Bella,

Are you busy later this afternoon, how about a walk along the levee, then we can watch the sunset from my uncle Danny's houseboat…

Let me know,




The highlight of her day, though, was getting reacquainted with her father, 'Big Daddy.'





After a long, hard day at the office, all she wants to do now is take a nap.


My other two dogs, who didn't get to come, were not happy about it.
Chi Chi was mad.


Lizzie was sad.


Guess I'll have to bring all of them next year.