I've attended a wide variety of sporting events over the years, from the professional level to little league. The worst fan behavior I've witnessed has consistently been at the level where there's the least at stake, youth sports leagues. We've all witnessed parents being verbally abusive to young participants, officials, and opposing coaches. I've fortunately never witnessed an attack firsthand, but YouTube videos of parents attacking officials abound. That will land you in jail in Louisiana. Theind.com reports Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a bill stiffening the penalties for such actions. Assaulting an official will carry a minimum penalty of 5 days in jail. If the official is injured, it could mean up to 6 months, and a fine of $1,000.00. The law goes into effect August 1st. Remember, your kids aren't playing for the Lombardi, or the World Series Trophy. They probably don't even keep score... and they learn from your example.