Now that I have your attention.... As I type this, I'm sipping on a mug......of coffee. The beer's for cooking.  On a recent visit, my daughter noticed an unlabelled jar of a yellowish, amber liquid in my refrigerator. She asked what it was. I replied, "Stale beer'. She rolled her eyes & asked "What for?" I replied "cooking".  You can do wonderful things with cheap, tough cuts of meat and beer. We'll go into that another time. It's Sunday & I'm thinking beer pancakes. The first time I had beer pancakes was at a family gathering while home from college for the summer. At first, I thought they were kidding.  It's pretty simple. If you're using a mix, or making them from scratch, just replace your liquid content with beer. Those pancakes will be so light & fluffy you may need to tie them down! Make sure you have plenty of syrup. They'll soak it up like a sponge.