Residents of the town of Olivier, in Iberia Parish have a new neighbor.  The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is monitoring the movements of a bear in local neighborhoods. Olivier is between New Iberia and Jeanerette. The Daily Advertiser reports residents say they've seen what appears to be a Louisiana black bear moving through local neighborhoods.
Biologist Michael Drewry says the bear appears to be a young male. He bases that on the size of the bear's tracks. Black bears generally don't pose a threat to humans or pets. That being said, he warns people not to take unnecessary chances, and to keep all garbage secured.

“People need to pick up any cat food, dog food or any type of attractant. They should secure garbage by putting it way in a garage or shed or at least with straps. Bungee cords won’t keep a bear out of garbage. Bears like high calorie (products) and easy. Garbage, pet food, is high calorie and easy.”
- Michael Drewry, Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

Drewry believes the bear is looking for a home, and if there's no food to attract it, the animal will move on. He says if he finds the bear, he will trap and relocate it. Residents who spot the bear, or any signs of it, are asked to contact the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at 337-365-8246.