With the recent flooding we've experienced, now is a good time to remind people about proper etiquette when driving through water.

First of all, authorities do not encourage anyone to drive through standing water.  Period.

If you must, the most courteous way to do it is, simply put, drive slowly.  You may not realize how large a wave your car makes while driving through the water.  That wave (although small) might be just enough to cause someone's car or home to flood.

These cars are traveling slowly enough to not damage others' cars (or their own). Smart people! (Staff Photo)

Also, the faster you go through the water, the higher the chance of stalling your car.  If the water is lower than the essential components on your car, you will be okay if you go slow.  If you drive faster, the "spray" will soak your engine, increasing the chances of water getting into those essential components.

This truck is traveling too fast... notice how high the water is around his tires? (Staff Photo)

Also, when the Vermilion River is flooded, it would be a good idea to maintain a "no wake" speed if you are boating near residential areas.

Use your brain, don't be a jerk, and we'll all get along just fine!