On July 7th, 39 year-old Shannon Stone took his son Cooper to a  Texas Rangers baseball game.

The Stones were seated in the bleachers behind left field, where Cooper could get a good view of his favorite player, Josh Hamilton. Cooper was wearing a Hamilton jersey.  No one could have anticipated how the day would end. It's common practice for ballplayers to throw balls into the stands for fans to keep as souvenirs. This is something Hamilton rarely does. On this occasion, the 2010 American league MVP chose to throw a ball to the Stones. While attempting to catch it, Shannon fell over the railing 20 feet to his death below.  Hamilton was visibly shaken during a postgame interview.  Rangers' president, Nolan Ryan has announced plans to erect a bronze statue in Stone's honor.   "We feel that this statue will be a most fitting tribute. It will not only serve to honor Mr. Stone's memory but also recognize Rangers fans and baseball fans everywhere. I have discussed the project with Jenny Stone, and she and the Stone family will be involved in the design and creation of the statue."     - Nolan Ryan