Do you have "bad" habits that you feel you need to quit? Maybe you should reevaluate your thinking. reports that some bad habits are actually GOOD for you. Think you need to cut down on coffee? Think again. Moderate coffee consumption has been linked to decreased risks of  alzheimer's, and diabetes. Heavy consumption (commonplace among radio DJ's) may reduce some cancer risks.

Chocolate?...Are you kidding?! Eating chocolate stimulates a biochemical process similar to those of having sex, and falling in love. It can also reduce LDL choleserol levels.

Gossip? It may be in bad taste, but research conducted at Brown University  indicates gossip reduces stress.

Picking your nose & eating it my be disgusting. Same for biting your nails. When you do these things, you're eating some pretty nasty stuff. The "Cooties" you're eating act like a vaccine, bolstering your immune system. That being said, these two habits can be a little rough on your social life.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images