There's something about a Sunday that makes me crave a Bloody Mary. I've written previous stories on this website about some of the variations that I've thrown together. I recently wrote about a variation on the Canadian "Bloody Caesar," with shrimp.
The inspiration for this Sunday's creation comes from friend & former co worker Garry Domingue. Garry recently posted on his Facebook page about a place that serves "Bloodies" made with bacon infused vodka. When I went to the fridge, there was no celery, or spiced beans. There's an old adage, "Ya' work with what ya' got."
I trimmed the fat from four slices of bacon with a pair of scissors & nuked them in the microwave. I then placed them in the freezer to make them brittle. While they chilled, I combined 2 shots of vodka, 2 olives, a little ketchup, creole mustard, a pinch of cayenne, a healthy dose of hot sauce, some UL Ragin' Red, a dash of worcestershire...and a pinch of gumbo file' in a martini shaker.
I crumbled the bacon & added it. Why the martini shaker? I was watching a James Bond Movie.