The Back to the Future party is almost here and that means you need to get your costumes ready! If you have seen the movie, you know that Marty and Doc traveled back and forth to multiple time periods. From the 1800s to today's time, they were all over the place.

You are welcomed to wear costumes from any of the time periods they visited. However, we will be having an 80s themed costume contest at the party. This means anything from the 80s is fair game.

Here are some pretty cool ideas:

Boy George


 The gang from The Breakfast Club


Duckie from Pretty in Pink


David Bowie


Madonna 'Like a Virgin'




A Ghost Buster


And, of course, Marty McFly


There are so many options to choose from. Whatever you choose, we know that you and your friends will look amazing.

The Back to the Future party is Wednesday, October 21st in Parc International beginning at 6:29pm. Tickets are available for only $10 in advance and will be $15 day of so get yours now.

And we will see you on a trip Back to the Future!