News for fishermen; the Atchafalaya Basin Bass Regulations have changed!  Some for the good, some.. not so much.

According to Louisiana Sportsman, the 14" size limit for bass that was enacted after Hurricane Andrew affected the basin (and other inland waters) has been lifted; but a new creel limit has taken its place:  now 7 per day.

Judging from the comments on the page, fishermen were not happy with the size limit in the first place, and the 'results' of the limit (which was part of a 3-year "study") did not create the outcome that the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries had hoped:  a representative with the LDWF said about the study :

What it showed is the 14-inch minimum will not produce a significant number of bigger bass

Some of the people commenting think that the study has hurt the bass population instead of helping....