Last week, SFC Robert Harter, in preparation for his retirement, stepped down as First Sergeant of the Lafayette Recruiting Company for the United States Army.

Lafayette Army unit getting into formation for the Change of Responsibility Ceremony in Lafayette, Lousiana (Staff Photo)

The video above is the ceremonial "Passing of the Sword", signifying the duties being passed from the "old" to the "new", using a Model 1840 NCO Sword.

The ceremonial "Passing of the Sword" to signify change of responsibility for Non-Commissioned Officers in the United States Army (Staff Photo)

According to Army Regulations, an NCO is assigned to the position of First Sergeant based upon:

  • Outstanding qualities of leadership.
  • Dedication to duty.
  • Integrity and moral character.
  • Professionalism.
  • Military occupational specialty proficiency.
  • Appearance and military bearing.
  • Physical fitness.
1SG Cieslak and SFC Harter at the Change of Responsibility Ceremony in Lafayette, Louisiana (Staff Photo)

The incoming First Sergeant is 1SG Cieslak.  Good luck with your new duties First Sergeant Cieslak, and thank you SFC Harter for 26 years of service to the United States of America!  Hooah!

Sergeant First Class Robert Harter was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for exemplary performance and dedication to duty during his 26 years of service in the United States Army. (Staff Photo)

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