Have you had it "Up to here" with the South Louisiana heat? You're not alone. Research indicates we have our most passionate hatred for summer heat in September. Our friend Dave Baker, at KATC says we cant's expect relief this week. Early September historically brings the greatest threat of hurricanes to the Gulf of Mexico. Football season kicks off and people get the En-vie' for gumbo.
The normal high temperature in early September is 92 degrees. That drops to 85 by month's end. The average night time low drops from the low 70's to 65 by September 30th.


I spent the 3rd week of August in the Adirondack mountains, near the Canadian border. Afternoon highs were upper 70's, overnight lows, lower 60's. South Louisiana heat & humidity somehow seem more brutal after returning from a week away. I went for a walk Sunday afternoon and thought I was going to die. Much water, a banana & some watermelon were consumed afterward.
Fall doesn't officially begin until the 22nd. The days are getting shorter. we'll lose 50 minutes of daylight by the end of the month.  September is the peak of hurricane season, but it's been quiet so far.
If you're anxiously awaiting that first "cold front", the average first date of sub 60 degree weather is September 29th. The Saints kick off the 2013 season at home this Sunday (Sept. 8th), at home, against the Atlanta Falcons. I intend to make "Falcon Gumbo", regardless of the temperature.