Is this weather getting you down? There's a reason, lack of sunshine. People often talk about the "Winter Blues."  It's a very real malady, accord9ing to experts at the Mayo Clinic.

Seasonal Affective Disorder can result from insufficient exposure to the sun. We get vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is a contributing factor in cases of seasonal depression.

Alaska, the "Land of the Midnight Sun", is, I'm told, a wonderful place in the summer. Winter's another story. The sun doesn't shine for extended periods of time. It's not a coincidence that the suicide rate in Alaska skyrockets in January.

There are things you can do. Treatments range from light therapy to medication. Exercise is also beneficial. It stimulates the production of mood elevating endorphins. If you think you have a case of the "winter blues", it's probably very real, and it's not hopeless.