Are You Ready For The End Of The World? According to the Mayan Calendar, the world will end this Friday (Dec. 21st, 2012).  Have you made your peace with God?

Is there a last message you want to send someone?

Jimmy Buffett has apparently been ready since 2006.

Who do you want to hang out with on your last day on Earth? I'm pretty sure there will be "End Of The World" parties all over Acadiana. After all, we perfected the Hurricane Party. It was once written of us, in Sports Illustrated, "The Cajuns of Southern Louisiana are so fond of drinking and dancing, they'll hold a festival to celebrate a flat tire."

Last night, I got a Facebook message from an old friend, asking me if I'm coming to his party. I asked, "Can you get me in?" He replied, "Steve, it's free, and we have free gumbo..." I replied, "Duh!"

What are your plans for Friday?