Being on the Internet, and using social media are part of my job. After all, I work for a company called Townsquare Media. I'm expected to engage & interact with you & other nice folks during the workday. Hey!...It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do do it.

Your  boss might not appreciate it when we chat online.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 American workers reveals the most blocked sites in the American workplace.

One in five respondents say they're blocked from logging  on to Facebook while at work, making it #1 on the bosses' "hit list." Here’s a list of the most blocked sites in the American workplace:

1. Facebook – 19.4%
2. Twitter – 15.1%
3. YouTube – 13.7%
4. Pinterest – 11.2%
5. Other social media – 10.9%
6. LinkedIn – 9.7%
7. Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) – 9.3%
8. Other sites – 4.6%

If you’re at a job where you can’t access any of the above sites, ask your boss about co- workers taking smoke breaks....Maybe not. That one could blow up in your face!