Want to make $1400 and help science? Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge will conduct a new clinical trial to determine why women carry weight differently and how it may affect health. The Apple & Pear Study is open to females between the ages of 18-40 years old. The 7-month clinical trial will compare two different body shapes, the 'apple'-shape (having the majority of fat above the waist) and the 'pear'-shape (below the waist). Researchers want to study why women carry weight differently and how if may affect health. Dr. Tchoukalova, principal investigator says,"This study will give us valuable insight as to why some women are predisposed to gain fat in the upper (abdominal) region, while others accumulate fat in the lower region (hips and thighs). We will also gain important information about the health implications of these body types." The study will require participants to complete a screening visit and 21 outpatient clinic visits.  Participants will receive up to $1400 for their participation in the study. To find out if you can be a part of this study, visit Pennington Biomedical Research or call 225-763-3000. Are you an apple or a pear?