I never saw an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' because, frankly, I don't care to know who they are.  Or, for that matter, what they do.  Nor, judging by what I hear about them, do I envy or want to emulate them.

With that being said, I wonder if plastering Kim Kardashian's dysfunctional life all over  television and magazines added to the demise of morality in America, or IS Kim Kardashian's dysfunctional life a result of the demise of morality in America?

I am not a Dr. Phil-type.  I don't have a Ph.D, MD, VHS or CCR after my name, but does it seem to you that when MTV quit playing music videos the country went straight downhill (with a brief stop in la-la-land!)??

I came across this screenshot of Kim's 'mini-bio' that had been on the Internet Movie Data Base website (before her lawyers had it taken down).   The bio is more of a 'review' of her life, a scathing review of her life, than it is a bio.  I don't know who Jon C. Hopwood is (he is credited with penning the bio), but I like him!!

(Via imgur, IMDB, Wiki)