An unthinkable thing happened in Newtown, Connecticut this Friday morning. Would stricter gun laws have prevented this?

Tragedies like this one, and a recent murder/ suicide involving a professional football player ramp up the ongoing debate.  Sportscaster Bob Costas expressed his views soon after. The northeastern states have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

My father was a hunter. He taught me how to shoot, and safely handle a firearm. I never became a hunter, but certainly had no objection to eating what he killed.

A couple of my past girlfriends own guns. They've previously been crime victims and vowed "Never again!" They're trained & have the proper permits.

Cocaine, Marijuana, and numerous other drugs are illegal. The drug trade is a Multi billion dollar business in the US. Prostitution is illegal, yet widely recognized as "The world's oldest profession."

By the way, I'm expecting a visit from my 6 year old Grandson later today.

Are stricter gun laws the answer? I don't know. I DO know that criminals don't obey laws.