Did the "Speed Van" get you? Have you been caught rolling through a red light by a Redflex camera?  Did you ignore the subsequent citation that came in the mail, telling yourself it's not a "real" ticket? You're not alone.

The Lafayette Department Of Traffic And Transportation reports there are nearly 17,000 unpaid citations, totaling more than a million dollars. That figure doesn't include late fees.

The city - parish council will consider an ordinance at tonight's meeting that they hope will encourage those with outstanding Safe-Light and Safe-Speed citations to pay up. The plan is to eliminate late fees on the violations, during a specified amnesty period.

The proposal pertains to late fees only, not the original fines. If the council approves the measure at tonight's meeting, it will be up for final approval on March 19th. If the measure gains passage, amnesty will go into effect for the month of May.

Do you think this is a good idea?