I recently vacationed with family members in the Adirondack Mountains. We had no mobile phone service or internet most of our stay. When we ran errands into town, I updated Facebook, posted pictures, & texted friends. My brother, Jim told my sister, Jean and me, "Put that away. You're on vacation!"

A lot of people have developed a fear of being without their smartphone. It's called "Nomophobia." The condition is reportedly more prevalent among women than men. Does that make us the world's biggest smartphone addicts? Not even close!

Only 56% of people in the US own a smartphone. that doesn't even put us in the top 10 (We're #13). The world leader in smartphone ownership is the United Arab Emirates at nearly 74%.

Here's the top 10:

1. United Arab Emirates... 73.8%
South Korea ... 73%
Saudi Arabia ... 72.8%
Singapore ... 71.7%
Norway ... 67.5%
Australia ... 64.6%
Sweden ... 62.9%
Hong Kong ... 62.8%
United Kingdom ... 62.2%
Denmark ... 59%

I got needled a little for taking a lot of pictures with my iPhone, but my  friends & family people seem to be enjoying the results. Considering all this, maybe I'm not so bad...