Today, it could be sugar in that salt shaker!

Don't say you weren't warned - April Fool's Day is here!

And there are some devious minds among us!

We did an informal survey asking 'What's the best April Fool's prank you pulled or somebody pulled on you?' Some of the responses were pretty funny and some were, well, you decide...

  • A guy I work for has an auto start on his truck and I got him when he started it- I told him it was rolling backward
  • Got not 1 but 2 former bosses. Gave them each a letter (2 separate years) of resignation. They were seaux into the letter, they were oblivious to the date!!!
  • Turned all the clocks ahead one hour in the house, truck and on husband's watch. He was early for work by an hour.
  • Thinking about placing an ad in the paper selling my friend's 2011 car for $1000.
  • I was due around that date and said I went into labor. Had him pack the car and all.
  • Buyin' my nephew a trick lottery scratch off.
  • Peanut butter on the door handle at the office of the CEO - u know he thought it was something else.
  • Switched the sugar with salt at the coffee pot.