Anna Nicole Smith the movie, on Lifetime, Saturday June 29th.

After the Anna Nicole movie starring Willa Ford went straight to the back of the DVD clearance section at Walmart in 2007, you may have thought no one cared about her, not the case.

Anna Nicole fans wanted a movie that was done right and this may be it.  Fans and non fans will be able to celebrate the life and times Smith and watch her rise to stardom and fall hard from her perch.

Lifetime hired the director of American Psycho to shoot another Anna Nicole movie starring Agnus Bruckner as Anna Nicole, Adam Goldberg as Howard K. Stern, Cary Elwes as E. Pierce Marshall, Martin Landau as J. Howard Marshall and Virginia Madsen as Virgie Arthur.  It will air on the Lifetime network Saturday June 29th, check your local listings.

Trailer For Anna Nicole Smith The Movie