I pick on Debbie Ray for not knowing her way around a kitchen, so when she asked about making pimento cheese sandwiches on Facebook, I had to do something to help her out.

It was a Saturday morning like any other. I had some free time and decided to skim Facebook. That's when I saw this shocking post from Debbie Ray:

CJ Clements, Townsquare Media

I thought this was unusual and had to know what was going on.

CJ Clements, Townsquare Media

I was told by other people commenting on the post that it has to do with the Master's golf tournament that's going on right now. Pimento cheese sandwiches are apparently a Master's tradition.

Now I'm not saying Deb doesn't know enough about cooking to make pimento cheese, but I am saying that she probably needs some help making pimento cheese. I did some hunting on YouTube and found this authentic Master's pimento cheese recipe.

Even if you're not as interested in the Master's tournament as Debbie Ray is, you can make the pimento cheese being eaten by people who are. Good luck!