The Louisiana Department of Revenue has unveiled a two-month amnesty program for taxpayers who have fallen behind.

“Fresh Start” offers delinquent taxpayers the opportunity to bring their accounts up to date by paying all overdue taxes with no penalty, and a 50% reduction on the interest owed.

The program will run from September 23rd ‘till November 22nd.

Director of Communications for the LA Department of Revenue, Douglas Baker says about 443,000 letters will be sent to eligible tax payers. The mailing will include a letter from the secretary of revenue detailing the procedure for participation in the amnesty program.

The following are the eligible:

• taxpayers who failed to file a tax return or report;

• taxpayers who failed to report all income or all tax, interest and penalties that were due;

• taxpayers who claimed incorrect credits or deductions;

• taxpayers who misrepresented or omitted any tax due; and

• Certain taxpayers under audit or in administrative or judicial litigation.

The following who do not qualify:

•taxpayers involved in a criminal investigation or criminal litigation for taxes administered by ldr.

More details are available at or 1-866-782-9241