John Keller is 30 years old. He and his wife Crystal have four children, aged 6 - 11. John is a 12 year survivor of Hodgkin's Cancer. The radiation therapy used to in his treatment has caused a rare nerve cancer his spine and back.

John is now paralyzed and can't work. As you can imagine, the expenses are and will be staggering. They need to raise funds for him to be treated at MD Anderson. John has had three surgeries since being diagnosed last month. He's in need of a major surgery to remove the rest of the tumor.

I know it's Christmas time & your budget is probably already stretched. Mine is, too. If you ARE able to make a monetary donation, an account has been established at Iberia Bank. The account number is # 12102819590 (John Keller Donation Fund).

His friends have also set up a Give Forward account for donations: Acct # 12102819590Bank

If you're too stretched for cash, perhaps you can spare a pint of blood..There will be a blood drive at AUTOZONE on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette on Friday, December 14th 9am-2pm.

You can also schedule a donation at Our Lady of Lourdes in his name. Give his name, John P. Keller and his date of birth 6/28/1982. This helps John as well as those requiring blood. Donations are typically down during the holiday season.

If you're unable to do either of these things, please help by spreading the word. Share this on your Facebook page, your Twitter page, e-mail it to your friends. Every little bit helps!