As an update to the story, here is a Facebook message (cut and pasted, not corrected for grammatical errors) we received from the (supposed) owner of the gold Hummer:
I am the owner of the gold hummer that supposedly had a kid balled child bond and gaged in backseat. Contact ouachita parish police department to get what really went down. Very screwed up. My daughter birthday was saturday when she had to deal with cops in her she's scared to even ride in hummer.she had on one of those knot hats with the beard that u strap around face in the front seat drinking a slush her stepdad just handed her as he gathered other drinks. This blind ass sonic employee said she was in backseat-not, and bound and gagged. Police were laughing after left our house. Very traumatic for my 13 yr old. She wouldnt even go out to eat for her birthday because its viral across US on FB and Twitter and afraid of getting pulled over now.

It seems as if the family has received enough attention over this matter, so this is where I'll leave it!  I hope that they get some rest tonight....   <<JayCee>>

Original story:

Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies are saying that the BOLO that was put out yesterday about a gold Hummer with a child tied and gagged in the back seat was just a big misunderstanding.
According to this video, deputies found the vehicle and interviewed the family - it seems that the child was wearing a Halloween costume!
What I found to be AWESOME is that people on Facebook and other social media sites DID NOT WASTE TIME in getting the word out about this situation; the story had spread to several neighboring states within minutes of it being posted.
I don't know about you, but when I hear of stories like this, I immediately think about Mickey Shunick, and the lessons we learned from her disappearance.  I hope that EVERY time someone goes missing we, as a community, do all we can to help bring them home.