UPDATE:  December 10, 4pm

According to our partners at KATC TV3, an arrest has been made in the case.


A Youngsville man has been arrested in connection with the theft.  Police are still trying to locate the stolen property.  If you have any information, contact the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Department...


I saw this post on Facebook this morning and it really has me seething; it seems that 3 white males burglarized the residence of a soldier who was away from home, training with the Army...

First of all, stealing is stealing.  I don't mean to say that it is okay to steal from one "type" of person and not another, but to steal from someone who has volunteered to keep our country safe really, really angers me.

It seems that Joe Jeske was at weekend drill with the Louisiana National Guard when three white males pulled up to his home in an earlier-model Dodge truck and made off with a Husqvarna zero-turn radius lawn mower, similar to this one:



A security camera in the residence was able to record this image....  a Dodge pick-up truck, backed up to the garage area on the home.



If you could, please share this image on Facebook, and email it to your friends.  This truck could have come from outside of the Abbeville area, so don't limit your sharing to only those people in Abbeville.  Let's help this soldier get his hard-earned property back!!

If you have any information about this crime, please call the Abbeville Police Department at 337-893-2511