It was a cold Mardi Gras day in Acadiana, and I spent part of that day snapping pictures...Yesterday's freezing temperatures turned Mardi Gras into Mardi Blah for many people in Acadiana, having made the decision to stay inside with the fireplace and a pot of gumbo on the stove.


Not a good sign...


Normally, there would have been so many people that you wouldn't have been able to see many of the sights that I saw yesterday.  On a normal Mardi Gras day, when the weather participates, you can hardly see across the parking lot, much less across the street.


Normally packed with people, this year's Mardi Gras attendance was sparse (Staff Photo)


Empty bleachers added a sense of sadness to the day...


Empty bleachers dripping with icicles near UL's Horticulture Center (Staff Photo)


Almost everything in Acadiana was covered with ice.


Ice covered almost everything that wasn't moving or breathing (Staff Photo)


Ice, ice everywhere!


The railing at the Sportshack on Johnston Street was our hangout for the day, and it too was decorated in an "ice" theme... (Staff Photo)


Not having a 'proper' Mardi Gras was a source of sadness for many in Acadiana, even the tulips...


Even the tulips were expressing their feelings about this year's Mardi Gras conditions... (Staff Photo)