While I was in Walker last week for the Veteran's Day parade, we drove by a car wash, and the last stall wasn't a car wash: it was a dog wash!!

I gave all three of my dogs a 'bath' earlier this week, in my shower.  It's not a single-stall shower; it is a full-sized shower, with a hand-held shower head attachment, which makes bathing the dogs much easier.

But if Youngsville (or even Lafayette or Broussard) had one of these "dog washes", my dogs would probably get washed more often than they do now.

How often do I wash my dogs?  Every year (whether they need it or not!), on the advice of my veterinarian.  One of the things that I have learned that helps the whole process of bathing a dog is to put a towel down on the floor of the tub/shower.  That way, your dog has a "sure" grip, and isn't freaked out by the slipping and sliding.  Believe me, it helps A LOT!

Anyway, has anyone ever used one of these things?  Is there one near Lafayette?  I need to know! (If not, entrepreneurs, get to work!!)

As to what the dog washes may look like, I did a Google image search, and came up with these results....

One thing I found that I DIDN'T like was this "Auto Pet Washing Machine"... I just don't think that it is humane, but, I might be too much of a dog lover...