Coming down from the 'high' of being named "Tastiest Town in the South", I think that there are a few reasons ideas like Canned Cheeseburgers don't sit well on our collective palates:

1.  Being Cajuns, most of us were brought up by parents and grandparents who grew up with very little.  It still seems like a special treat to me when I stop in for a fast-food meal!

2.  Being Cajuns, we are proud of our food, communities and heritage;  with easy, tasty meals (like Marilyn makes), I don't think that any of us would be caught dead serving a guest something like this!

No need to worry about being served one of these the next time you are at the in-laws' place, because they aren't available in the US (yet).  I DO plan to get to Europe within the next few years, but I DON'T plan on boiling up a canned cheeseburger!!  (Yes, the preferred method of heating the cheeseburger is in a 'double boiler')

If you think that you will be able to keep your beignets  down, read this review of the 'Cheeseburger In A Can'!


(Via AVClub)