CJ's Daily Message: Are You Drowning?
Today's message is so good I can't stand it. If you are in the middle of something horrible, whether that's a relationship, job, or whatever, why in the heck don't you do something to change your path. Are you scared? If you are, STOP THAT.
Patty In The Parc Tonight!
Plan for a designated driver, throw on some green, grab some friends and head Downtown for Patty in the Parc with the Chee-Weez, Hwy 90, and the Gin Blossoms!
CJ's Daily Message: Take Responsibility
Today's message is about coming to terms with the stuff YOU start. And how something the size of a pea can turn into something the size of a bolder if you're not careful.
Academy President John Bailey Accused of Sexual Harassment
Almost every corner of Hollywood has been shaken by claims of sexual misconduct in the months since the New York Times first exposed decades of allegations against Harvey Weinstein — and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is no exception. The organization has, like many others, …

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