CJ's Daily Message: Let's Talk About The Divine Force, God
Tonight my Daily Message is so awesome, I almost woke the neighbors just to make 'um watch it. It was sent to me by my friend Lisa Ann Flint. Now if you follow her on Facebook, you know she's absolutely crazy nuts. Actually, that's her persona, the real Lisa Flint is fragile, smart…
Future ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Reportedly On Hold
Seems that Lucasfilm is reassessing its priorities following the underwhelming debut of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The studio has now released two spinoffs that have failed to dazzle audiences, and while neither movie is outright horrible, they aren’t exactly memorable, either. According to a n…
June 20 Birthdays with Janet
On Friday, we choose someone celebrating this week for gourmet cupcakes from Piece of Cake and an exclusive Janet’s Joke of the Day t-shirt from Hulco Printers!

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