Superman may be a fictional character, but what he represents inspires those of us in the non - fictional world to emulate his noble character and brave feats.

Wally Harmer has already won $1, 500 in sponsorship money for Tenovus Cancer Care by zip - lining, and now he's set to do it again, this time taking on a mile - long wire. This is an impressive challenge for anyone, but even more so for Wally. He's 92 and still going strong! 'I was disappointed because the record is 110mph and I only reached the 95mph mark so I will hopefully be able to break that.'

Wally donned a Superman costume for his last attempt and risks life and limb to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from cancer. 'I thought I could do the zip-line just to prove you’re never too old to do things and it gives me a goal to aim for. I have had friends who have suffered with cancer and it’s fulfilling if you can do something for somebody.'

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