Last time on "CJ's Household Tips", I gave you a bunch of different simple ideas to help make your life easier. Well let me tell you, I enjoyed it so much we just had to do it again. This time we're talking about WD-40.

WD-40, or Water Displacement 40 was originally designed to clean missile parts. Though most of us may only use the super lube to stop squeaks, it can do so much more! Check out my favorite 9 Slick Uses For WD-40 on this weeks edition of CJ's Household Tips.

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    Silver Protector

    When you make an investment in a nice piece of expensive jewelry the last thing you want is for it to get tarnished. Well, spray a little WD-40 on your fine silver and it will work to protect it from tarnish.
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    Chain Untangler

    So if you've ever opened an old jewelery draw with many assorted necklaces, you know how big of a nightmare untangling all the chains can be. Instead of painstakingly working to untangle to chains, just spray a little WD-40 on them. The chains will magically separate. "Mr. T pities the fool with with tangled chains.
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    Keeps Ceramic/Terra Cotta Garden Pots From Oxidizing

    In the south Louisiana garden pots sitting out in the heat and humidity can go bad quickly. Luckily, WD-40's properties allow it to protect your pots from the chemicals that cause oxidation. Just spray a little bit on your pots and you won't have to worry about oxidation anymore.
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    This is a bit closer to traditional WD-40 use, but it's still a good reminder. Because umbrellas tend to be left wet, they can be particularly susceptible to rust and oxidation. However, spraying a little bit of WD-40 on your umbrella stem will keep your umbrella functioning good as new.
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    Vehicle Roof Cracks

    Because the roof of your car spends most of its time exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements it can be particularly susceptible to unsightly cracks. Next time you're washing your car, have a bottle of WD-40 handy to repair and clean roof cracks. You'll be glad you did!

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    Pigeon Repellant

    If you've got a problems with pigeons I may have a solution. Believe it or not, pigeons hate the way WD-40 smells. The smell will keep the annoying birds, and more importantly their poop, away.
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    Duct Tape Remover

    Duct tape is a handyman's best friend, but when you remove it from surfaces it has been on for awhile it can often leave behind an unsightly duct tape residue. Instead of wasting your life away scrubbing and scrubbing, simply spray on some WD-40 and voila. Duct tape gone.
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    Bug Remover

    South Louisiana is famous for the tiny flying insects. They end up all over the front of your vehicle and can be a nightmare to remove with traditional car wash products. WD-40 to the rescue! Simply spray on the magic lubricant and watch as the insects melt away.
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    Scuff Remover

    Everyone has that one spot on the kitchen floor that they cannot remove no matter what they try. Well, have you tried WD-40? I bet a little of the do-it-all dubbya 40 will take that spot off the floor quicker than you can say aerosol spray can!