After seeing her Mom weigh in, and apparently not happy about the number on the scale, one little girl says to her friend, "Don't step on it...It makes you cry".  After the long holiday weekend, are you feeling a bit 'heavy'?

If you're feeling like you may have had too much barbecue and potato salad this past weekend, you are not alone.  In a recent survey by ShopSmart magazine, 90 percent of women say the 'make excuses' for their poor eating habits.  57 percent say money is the reason for their bad eating habits.  We've said it many times on the morning show, unhealthy food costs less.  Another 45 percent say they have a hard time eating well when their friends don't.  And finally, 35 percent say they simply mess up their eating habits all by themselves.

Most people try to eat well but fall short.  As a matter of fact, the study found that almost three - quarters of women read nutrition labels yet 39 percent say they could make improvements in their diets.

[Via:  MetroSource, ShopSmart]