How do you break up with someone using class, style and grace?  Maybe a better question might be, why would you want to? The reality is, if it's hard to end a relationship, there's bound to be an emotional connection otherwise, it would be easy to just dump the person without concern especially if there is bad blood between the two of you.

If you really want to let your significant other down gently, there is a 6 step procedure outlining how to do with style, grace and if you can pull it off, charm.  But before you follow these 6 steps, ask yourself this question, 'If I'm even concerned about this I obviously still have feelings for this person so should I just stay and try to work this out?'  If you do decide that breaking up is the cards, don't do it like many celebrities you here about in the news and text the breakup message.  If you've had good times with the one you're about to set free and this person will always have a small piece of your heart, use these 6 steps and you'll walk away feeling the best you can about a not so nice situation.

[Via:  wikiHow]