Chris Graythen, Getty Images

Lafayette, La. is a pretty unique place and there are five businesses/jobs that will be around for decades in this neck of the woods.

5.  Restaurants  People here will eat.  People will go out to eat even if they don't have enough money to pay the rent.  Coincidentally, if you work at a food venue that is popular, and you are good at your job, the term job security comes to mind.  But beware, only the good restaurants survive.

4.  Church  Like it or not, religion is not only a belief, it's a business and in Acadiana, we believe in God.  That is a generational attitude and it will be passed down, again and again.  And that's a good thing.

3.  Computer Support  Most every business and household has one or more computers and that number will only grow.  You may not have bought your computer equipment in Lafayette, but when it or the software gives you problems (and it will at some point), someone locally will help you.  The person on the phone from India will not be able to understand your accent and you won't understand theirs.

2.  Automotive Repair  If you own a respected automotive repair shop and/or a qualified mechanic, congratulations!  Cars, trucks,vans and SUVs, like computers, will fail at some point.  The key to this business is reputation.

1.  Alcohol  This community will party at the drop of a hat, and someone always has a hat.  It's not something to be proud of, but it's a fact, the Acadiana area consumes enormous quantities of alcohol.  More than most parts of the United States.  And statistics over the years show that per capita, we aren't as responsible drinkers as other parts of the world.  Unfortunately, like religion, this mentality is handed down generation after generation.  So if you sell alcohol at the best prices in town, get a big safe to store the money.