With so much hype about Prince William and Kate's wedding, I thought this would be a great story for all couples thinking about tying the knot.  According to a survey, 30% of now-divorced women knew their relationship wasn’t right when they walked down the aisle.  So why do so many women in relationships take the marriage plunge for the wrong reasons? Some experts blame the fairytales girls are raised on for women’s unrealistic outlook on love and romance; the media we consume as adults continues to promote the concept that love will always prevail, no matter the circumstances.  Another theory is that getting engaged and then married is a personal achievement for women- the fulfillment of a life-long goal.  Women are quick to say “I do” because they’re anxious to end their quest for a husband and to relinquish their single status.  The national (or even worldwide) obsession with weddings certainly contributes to the matter- there are popular TV shows about everything from finding the perfect wedding dress to the world’s most extravagant wedding cakes to how to snag the ideal husband.  And then there’s the issue of women’s biological clocks- many feel pressure to get hitched so they can start having children A.S.A.P.  Ladies, in your search for something old, new, borrowed and blue… don’t forget a man you really love!

[Via:  Marieclaire.com]